Brow drop/ hooding of brows, flat brow

This can be the result of ageing where the effects of gravity have simply combined with years of frowning or scowling to lower and flatten the brow. The effect can also be caused by poor administration of Botox which if used in the correct way can help correct Brow Droop. The muscle tone of the face can be difficult to maintain as we age and the combined loss of collagen in the skin adds to the flattening and hooding appearance. A consultation will identify what treatments are appropriate and those that are not.

Treatments for Brow Drop include:

  • Botox
  • Dermal filler (Juvederm)
  • Silhouette soft thread lift
  • Fractora (RF radio frequency needling)
  • Plexr
  • Clearlift
  • Facetite (Radio frequency)