About our packages

Our carefully curated treatment packages are her to give you the most impactful treatment combinations at an even lower rate. They allow our expert staff to deliver treatment combinations that target common skin conditions, pamper the skin and give you a beautiful radiant glow. Whatever the occasion, Dr Victoria Clinic can help you see the results you want.

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Cellulite Zap

Actual Price £1900

  • Body FX x6 once a week
  • Mesotherapy x2

Package Special £1000

Ultimate Hydration

Actual Price £1520

  • Hydrafacial x2
  • Profhilo x2
  • Skinade x2
  • Intravita x1
  • ZO daily skincare program

Package Special £1250

Clear Complexion

Actual Price £1560

  • Hydrafacial x2
  • Chemical Peels x6
  • Skin Pen x1
  • Dermalux x3

Package Special £1200

Skin Tightening

Actual Price £2400

  • Morpheus 8 x2
  • Forma Facial x6

Package Special £1500

Anti-Aging/ Skin Rejuvenation

Actual Price £1600

  • PRP x2
  • Clear lift 4D x6

Package Special £1000

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