Hair Rejuvenation with Injections

What is Hair Rejuvenation with hair injections?If you’re noticing some thinning of the hair, or feeling like your hair is lacking shine and health, Hair Rejuvenation with hair injections may be the treatment for you.

Hair rejuvenation injections use the …

Accutite: Woman's eyes looking at camera background image for accutite treatment


What is Accutite?
By using radio frequency-assisted lipolysis, the Accutite system is able to melt pockets of fat and tighten loose or sagging skin simultaneously. This minimally invasive procedure works by transferring radio frequency energy in the form of heat …

feature image for wrinkle reduction treatment of blonde women with her hair tied back, looking at the camera and resting her face in her hand

Wrinkle Reduction

What is Wrinkle Reduction?If you feel that fine lines and wrinkles are giving away your age or making you look much older than you feel, then you may be looking for the best treatment to improve their appearance and …

feature image for VISIA skin and complexion analysis with woman facing camera with flawless skin

VISIA Skin & Complexion Analysis

What is VISIA Skin Complexion & Analysis?If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a long-term way to improve and protect the health of your skin, then VISIA skin surface imaging is a great way to form an in-depth understanding of …

Hair Rejuvenation with injections, The Vampire Facelift - feature image

The Vampire Facelift

What is the Vampire Facelift?
As we age, the production of collagen and elastin in the body starts to slow down, leaving our skin to become thinner, loose laxity, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles start to become more defined. This …

skin pigmentation and age spots treatment with ClearLift Laser -feature image

Skin Pigmentation & Age Spots Treatment

What is Skin Pigmentation & Age Spots?
Over the years, very gradually, the effects of ageing and sun exposure can lead to skin imperfections. These can be anything from wrinkles and fine lines to sun spots and uneven skin tone. The Skin …

feature image for silhouette soft treatment of woman's profile showing where the skin can be lifted

Silhouette Soft

What is Silhouette Soft?Silhouette Soft helps create a smoother, more toned texture to your skin whilst also defining the contours of your face. This is achieved through two effects; an immediate respositioning of tissue and a gradual regeneration of …

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RadioFrequency Microneedling with Fractora

What is Fractora?Fractora by Inmode combines the benefits of micro-needling with radio frequency (RF) energy to bring you a treatment that can noticeably decrease your wrinkles, improve your complexion, reduce skin irregularities, refresh and rejuvenate your skin.

If you have …

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What is Profhilo?Profhilo injections amplify the hydration of your skin by creating more collagen. Hyaluronic acid, which is used for dermal fillers,  is also used in these injections but offers more control and precise distribution of the substance. This …

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PlexR Soft Surgery & Blepharoplasty

What is PlexR Soft Surgery?PlexR Soft Surgery is an innovative treatment procedure which has become a profound alternative to invasive surgical cosmetic procedures. It’s a precise procedure which transfers concentrated heat to the targeted area. The precision of PlexR …