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Brow Droop

Brow ptosis or droop of the eyebrow is a common sign of ageing process as skin loses that plump, firm appearance. This can easily be treated by Dr Victoria.

What causes Brow Droop ?

The soft tissues of the face lose elastin and collagen as we age, causing your brow droop. Also, the facial muscles which hold the eyelids and eyebrows in place can begin to slide with age, due to being overused or overworked.

Do you suffer from the following?

Lower brows than before
Hooded eyelids
Thinning skin across the forehead
Eyebrows sitting below the eye socket
Creases and wrinkles around eyes

How can we treat Brow Droop ?

At Dr Victoria Clinic, we offer a Botox Eyebrow Lift to relax the muscles which lifts the brows up so they no longer sit below the eye sockets. We use Botox carefully to ensure you maintain a natural appearance, and not a surprised expression. The amount of lift from treatment will vary on each individual, depending on things like your age and muscle tone. As the brows are lifted, this helps open your eyes too, giving you a more alert, youthful appearance.

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