Contour your body, enhance your silhouette and bring back your body confidence with effective treatments at Dr Victoria Clinic.
feature image for 3D lipo cavitation treatment of woman's figure in white briefs
3D Lipo Cavitation

A non-invasive treatment to eliminate fat cells from the body by using ultrasonic waves without harming any other cells in the body.

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Accutite: Woman's eyes looking at camera background image for accutite treatment

Accutite offers a non-invasive way to target small areas of the face and body with radio frequency to tighten, firm and reduce fat.

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Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections

Aqualyx is a non-surgical fat dissolving injection treatment that uses a solution of deoxycholic acid to safely eliminate stubborn pockets of fat.

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy - eature image of happy couple hugging and looking at the camera.
Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Your body’s hormones control most of your basic bodily functions and serve as an internal communication system between your cells.

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Feature image used for calf reduction treatment of woman's legs where she is touching her calf
Calf Reduction

Improve the appearance of your calves and reduce the appearance of large, muscular muscles which may be genetic or developed through certain exercises.

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ClearChoice Laser for Nail Fungus

Effective nail fungal treatment can resolve persistent fungus with the ClearChoice laser from Harmony XL Pro.

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coolsculpting feature image

Experience the non-surgical alternative to liposuction which has given millions of people worldwide their confidence back.

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banner image for dermapen microneedling of happy woman with beautiful skin

Experience clean, bright, rejuvenated skin which is free from scars or blemishes. The Dermapen treatment stimulates the skin’s healing process which helps give you a more youthful appearance.

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excessive sweating feature image
Excessive Sweating

Botox injections can provide significant relief from excessive sweating for some people experiencing hyperhidrosis.

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forma plus body sculpting feature image
Forma Plus Body Sculpting

Reduce the appearance of bumpy cellulite skin and tighten targeted areas of your body for a sleeker silhouette.

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hand rejuvenation treatment
Hand Rejuvenation

You work hard to maintain a youthful appearance and stay fit & healthy. Don’t let your hands give away the age you are rather than the age you feel.

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feature image for IV nutrition intravita drip with a blue line and an IV bag filled with fruits and vitamins
IV Nutrition Intravita

Vitamin nutrition IV treatments have proven popular with many celebrities such as Rihanna, Cara Delevigne, Madonna and Simon Cowell.

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laser hair removal feature image
Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal never has to be a hassle again. Diolaze laser hair removal is virtually pain-free and can reduce permanent hair growth by up to 80%.

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laser tattoo removal feature image
Laser Tattoo Removal

Finally remove that tattoo you regret with the Harmony XL ClearLift Laser.

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O-Shot treatment feature image

The Orgasm Shot is a trademarked procedure which helps to rejuvenate the vagina. It can be used to treat urinary incontinence and many sexual problems.

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p-shot treatment

The Priapus Shot (P-Shot) can help men improve their sexual performance through increasing the libido, growth, more stamina and stronger erections.

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Saxenda Slimming Injections

A non-invasive weight loss medication used in addition to diet and exercise.

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Sclerotherapy for Leg Veins . Woman in white hugging her legs and resting head on knee. 3d-lipo-cavitation
Sclerotherapy for Leg Veins

Treat thread veins on the legs safely and effectively to significantly reduce their appearance with a chemical solution injected into the skin.

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The Vampire Breast Lift - Woman in white bra background image for vampire breast lift treatment.
Vampire Breast Lift

A non-surgical breast augmentation using platelets from your own blood to lift, rejuvenate and restore the shape and volume of your breasts.

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Votiva Vaginal Rejuvenation - Smiling woman as background image for votiva treatment
Votiva Vaginal Rejuvenation

Votiva is the world’s leading female rejuvenation system. The treatment can offer solutions to many medical and aesthetic concerns associated with women’s health, wellness and ageing.

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weight management feature image
Weight Management

Receive advice that’s unique to you and your weight management needs.

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Zinzino Health Supplements

Build your immune system and get natural results for your body all year round.

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