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ClearChoice Laser for Nail Fungus

Effective nail fungal treatment can resolve persistent fungus with the ClearChoice laser.

What is ClearChoice Laser for Nail Fungus ?

Using the Harmony XL Pro ClearChoice laser for fungal nail treat is usually two to three quick treatment sessions. Using laser means there’s minimal discomfort and no side effects.

While most fungal nail infections occur in the toenail, it can also appear in the fingernail. Using laser for treatment is one of the most effective ways to treat fungal infections quickly and safely. The laser targets the fungus located deep beneath the nail, killing the infection at its source without harming the surrounding healthy tissue.

Treatment Overview


15+ minutes.


None required.


3+ months for full nail regrowth.




Up to 48 hours.



ClearChoice Laser for Nail Fungus FAQ's

Fungal nail infections can cause a few noticeable symptoms to look out for on or around your nails. While most infections occur in the toenail, you can also get fungal infections on the fingernails.

  • Discomfort – pain on the nail when applying pressure.
  • Discolouration – a white or yellow nail. Severe infections can cause the nail to look yellow, green or black.
  • Distortion – a change in the texture or thickness of the nail.
  • Weak – noticeably weaker, brittle nail which breaks off.

Most patients find 2 – 3 laser sessions a sufficient amount of treatments to fully kill off the nail fungal infection.

Harmony XL Pro ClearChoice laser treatment combines 2 clinically proven laser technologies:

  • Q-Switched Nd:YAG
  • Long Pulsed Nd:YAG

These lasers produce powerful bursts of light that go directly through to the nail bed. The laser treatment effectively targets the infection beneath the nail while working to systematically destroy the fungus.

Why Choose Dr. Victoria Clinic?

At Dr Victoria Clinic, our experienced and highly qualified doctors understand that aesthetics is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We tailor each treatment to the individual to ensure the best, most natural results. Understanding the contours and shape of your face and body allows us to identify the most appropriate treatment for you.

Our treatments are often a blend of technologically advanced procedures and more traditional approaches while we give the best patient care from the moment you come in for a consultation. This patient care doesn’t just stop after your treatment, but we offer free ongoing advice to our patients whenever they have any questions.

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