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Ellanse Collagen Fillers

Collagen fillers help smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Naturally produced collagen slows down over time causing the skin to lose strength and elasticity. Injecting collagen back into the skin can help give you a firmer, fuller, smoother appearance to your skin.

What is Ellanse Collagen Fillers ?

Collagen is a protein which is naturally found in our skin. As we age, the production of this collagen slows down which causes skin to become thinner and lose elasticity. This is what leads to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. By injecting Ellanse Collagen Fillers back into the skin, we can fight the signs of ageing and replace collagen the body is no longer producing.

Collagen injections have been used for years to treat facial imperfections without changing the structure of your face like other injectables can do. Doctor Victoria uses Ellanse collagen injections which can restore and rejuvenate your skin without enhancing any of your features. Collagen injections simply give you back smooth, radiant skin.

Treatment Overview


30 – 60 minutes.


Yes – topical cream.


24 hours.




2 – 3 days.


12 – 24 months.

Ellanse Collagen Fillers FAQ's

Results from collagen injections vary depending on how quickly your body metabolises the substance. However, on average, most patients require touch-up injections 2-4 times a year. It’s easier to maintain collagen injections instead of waiting for all the collagen to be absorbed and starting again.

Collagen helps with the suppleness and texture of your skin. They can even help resolve minor skin imperfections such as removing wrinkles, filling in shallow acne scars, and giving you a fuller pout when injected into the lips. Overall, collagen injections give you a fresher, more youthful appearance.

The entire procedure will take between 30-60 minutes depending on what areas you want to target. We make sure that your skin is clear of makeup and completely clean before a topical anesthetic is applied. The collagen injections can be slightly uncomfortable around the lips and nose area, but Ellanse injections contain lidocaine to also minimise pain and numb the treatment area.

Since collagen is a naturally-occurring substance within the body, there are very few side effects or contraindications. There can be some redness or slight swelling around the injected area immediately after treatment but this will go down fairly quickly.

Why Choose Dr. Victoria Clinic?

At Dr Victoria Clinic, our experienced and highly qualified doctors understand that aesthetics is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We tailor each treatment to the individual to ensure the best, most natural results. Understanding the contours and shape of your face and body allows us to identify the most appropriate treatment for you.

Our treatments are often a blend of technologically advanced procedures and more traditional approaches while we give the best patient care from the moment you come in for a consultation. This patient care doesn’t just stop after your treatment, but we offer free ongoing advice to our patients whenever they have any questions.

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